Data Analysis with Julius :: A guideline in Bengali

Hello to all users,
I have written a guideline of using Julius into my own language in Bengali.

The motivation of writing this ebook was being a non tech person- how I have become a good in data analysis using julius. I always wanted to work with data, but those programming languages were not ok for me. I tired many times to learn python and R. But after some days I lost motivation, reason is those were too much with programming stuff unless I find

This ebook describes my journey with data analysis and how I proceeded. The sections of this books are divided into these chapters

Chapter 1: Started from 0

Chapter 2 Why am I writing, for whom am I writing, and how do I learn

Chapter 3 : How will you read this ebook?

Chapter 4 : What is

4.1> Features of Julius

4.1.1> Prompt based data analysis in julius

4.1.2> No worries about programming

4.1.3> Graph and data visualization with Julius

4.1.4> Get meaningful insight of data

4.1.5> Data Structuring in julius in right format

Chapter 5 : Handwritten experiment of

5.1> Story of a office : Lets start with a simple data set Height and Weight with

5.2> Lets Talk with data : Data Visualization with

5.3> How to do correlation with

5.4> analysis of a Real life Customer Dataset with

5.5> Participating in Kaggle Competition with

Chapter 6 : Use of in bioinformatics : Here I have discussed the video and also some other relevant examples
Chapter 7 : Final Word

Since julius is new and we have to familiarize this to others, so rather than using english, it is much more acceptable to read in Bengali, so I made it and allowed everyone to read.

Everyday I work here, write what I did with Julius and posted in different groups. Would love to see feedback from Rahul on this please !

Have a look -