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Hi All, I teach K-12 Computer Science and am a new data analytics student, with hopes of using the insane amount of data I am collecting on student engagement with computers to create better and customized learning platforms. Good to be here.


Great to see students engaging on here. Really pleased that Julius.ai has set up a forum. My name is Tony Myers, I am interested in data and how to make sense of it, but also how best to teach others, particularly those without any background in maths or statistics. I work at a small university in England, UK and am a Professor in Quantitative Methods. I am particularly interested in Bayesian methods and Causal modelling. I and really excited by the possibilities AI offers ok general and Julius.ai in particular. I look forward to some interesting discussions with other forum users here.


how to upload data to it ? where can I learn things to iparate this software

You can upload data by clicking on the “paperclip” option located in the chat box:

This will bring your file into Julius so it can work with it.
As for your question on how to us Julius, there is a drop down menu under “docs” in the Julius.ai/chat window. You can click on this and it’ll give you various options such as Tips, FAQs, Use Cases, How-to Videos, etc.

You can also find some walk-throughs in the Guides posted in this community forum. You can reach these by going to the “categories” section and selecting “all categories”. This will take you to a window where you can click on the various topics, including Guides:

Hope this helps!


How can i pay for this ai without a debit card because i don’t have one