How julius ai works in backend?

Haiii folks ,i wants to know, from loading csv to response generated by julius . and Is there any llm model working in the backend ? and third question is, julius is giving output as python code , then how the is executed ? if there is any error in the code , it automatically got corrected how ? could anyone tell me how this is working ?


Great question! We use the latest GPT-4 and Claude 3 Opus language models to power Julius, with our premium subscriptions you can select between which one you prefer or stick with the default (mix of both). Your code is executed in a sandboxed environment so when errors happen the AI knows how to fix them since the code is executed right away.


Thanks veer for your response .


And i have one more doubt , to load csv data , any specific method are you using ? why i am asking is, response generated by julius was very accurate.


thank you :pray: we’re glad to hear that! The team works really hard to make sure our AI is as accurate as possible for all tasks.

To load csv data you can actually ask the AI to show you how to do it! Just upload your file and prompt Julius “load this data and show me the first few rows” and it will generate the python code we use to load the csv data.