Main use cases for Julius AI?

Hey guys,
I’m trying to understand the potential of Julius, would you share some USE CASES you find useful for inspiration? I’m interested in understanding what it CAN do and what it CAN’T do in order to focus/prioritize.
Thanks in advance!


Great question! Thanks for post!
Typically, I use Julius for data analysis and visualization. I am also exploring the potential for it as a search engine for relative literature review for academic publications. As for what it can’t do, I don’t really have anything for you as it has excelled in the areas that I need it for.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer Alysha. I just saw your post on graph editor and get the idea :slight_smile:


I am new to Julius, And I have been testing it to see how I can use it for everything in my daily workflow, from researching to coding to everything else. I have been using ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot and am so impressed with Julius! I really like web searching, and I thrive on accurate results within the searching, and it’s been really good so far! I am a cloud architect and use AWS and Azure and it already has helped me fix a lot of my terraform and bicep code that I was having some issues with.

I am basically seeing if I can replace Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT with Julius.


@j_dahl9 that’s awesome. Do share what you learn and what Julius is good/can improve on in a post, would be super helpful! If you need to make a more direct comparison there’s actually a way to customize the tools available to Julius if you hit “Tools” you can do stuff like turn off web search or chat with the model directly in plain mode by turning off all tools altogether.

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I will for sure be sharing my feedback here! I fully used it today and I will say the best thing I have noticed about Julius is to be able to turn off the web or turn it back on when it is needed in mid conversation. Seriously this is a HUGE plus. I am sold, and I will do what I can to help and continue to improve the product and share that here. I plan to do a report of my usage when I’m done with this week and share my insights of how Julius helped my productivity!


In just starting to play with Julius I imported data from my last ~140 sessions with my trainer that I logged in the strong app and export as csv. I was able to utilize Julius to trend the data, and explain the type of training that Im doing make some visuals. Just for alittle more fun I had Julius predict when Ill hit some goal numbers and with what reps.

Now, let’s examine the forecasts for your next PR:

For Deadlift:
Deadlift Next PR Forecast:

Date: 2024-07-21

Weight: 401.34 lbs

Reps: 3

Based on your current progress, we predict that you’ll hit a new PR in deadlift on July 21, 2024. The forecast suggests you’ll be able to lift 401.34 lbs for 3 reps. This is a significant improvement and puts you closer to your 500 lb goal.