JuliusAI vs ChatGPT Plus Advanced Data Analysis

What are the key benefits of using Julius AI compared to ChatGPT for advanced data analysis? Have you noticed any significant differences in performance or capabilities between the two tools for specific use cases? Please share your experiences.

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Awesome question, and I love the image you attached here! :slight_smile:
I used ChatGPT to help me understand statistical outputs from SPSS and write code for R while I was doing my thesis. It helped me a lot when it came to breaking down complex analyses as it explained the outcome in laymen’s terms. I did not know of Julius while I was writing my thesis, so Chat was the only AI I used at the time. Although I loved that it was able to help me understand statistical analyses on a deeper level, I wished I could have ran analyses with Chat (I only had the free version at the time, so I did not have access to GPT-4).

Julius gives me that next level interaction, as it lets me run statistical analyses, recommends next steps in the process of data analysis, allows you to interact and ask questions about the analyses, cleans your dataset, creates highly technical graphs, troubleshoots code, summarizes PDF’s on peer reviewed literature (or any PDF really), and is able to access the internet at real world time (chat was limited to 2022, from the last time I used it… I’m not sure if this has changed?). I also love that I can switch from Python or R when I want to code. This added tidbit has enhanced my experience with Julius, and as a researcher it has helped me really hone my skills in statistical analysis.

Now, this is purely from the perspective of a user who did not have access to GPT-4’s capabilities. Therefore, my experience may be biased in terms of GPT-4’s abilities. So, I would love to hear other peoples experiences!


Julius is effectively a user interface that can connect you with multiple AI models and also put some padding around the models (curating on the way in and out to enhance the experience). So, it works better than GPT-4 because it’s not as finicky or freezing as much. And it has GPT-4 connectivity (and others), so, there’s no reason to pay for GPT-4 when you can just pay for Julius.


I have loved being able to use Julius as a little handy helper with data analysis. The visualizations and the feedback it gives me when I’m running statistical analyses is very informative. I also love that it has R, so I can take what I learned from coding in R and have Julius help and refine my code when I run into errors.
I have used chatGPT and I do like it as well. Even with the new upgrade released this week, I find the free version kind of slow when it comes to asking questions and answering (to be expected as it is free and many users are using it for this but it is a little bit of a downfall…).

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Hi Emily, do you also use ChatGPT to create visuals? How would you compare Julius Ai to GPT in terms of creating visuals, is it able to create more visually appealing graphs / handle more complex tasks from your experience using both? My new job will require me to run data analyses, and create beautiful visuals and I am deciding on which one to use at the moment. Also, I heard that JuliusAI is avail on the ChatGPT store, have you ever tried to access Julius from there, or are you primarily using it from the website?

Hi James,

Sorry, I should elaborate a little more on how I use Chat. I’m mainly on the free version as I got Julius for a better deal with the academic discount. Unfortunately I cannot run visuals on the free version of Chat, so I really cannot give you a detailed answer to that question.
I used Chat to help me write the code for python or R. After OpenAI announced the new version of GPT-4o, I was curious to test it out. But it still seems that the free version creates the python code for you to run statistical analyses, but it cannot run it for you (from my experience).
I haven’t tried to access Julius from the ChatGPT store. When I upgraded, I did it on Julius.ai/chat, so I am mainly using it from the Julius website.
Sorry I cannot really be more help in this situation… How has your experience with both AI’s been thus far?