Plan upgrade guidance

Hi Julius Community, I am curious “Will I be able to use the “Advanced Reasoning” feature by upgrading my current (free) subscription to the Basic (20$/month) plan?”

Hi Ramandeep,

Yes, you will be able to use advanced reasoning in any of the paid subscription plans :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for the help. I got the output of my statistical model in a table form in the Julius. Dont know why Julius is saying “Files only persist for 1 hour after their creation” when i tried downloading the table right after a second of getting it created by Julius.

Hmmm… okay. First try resetting your session on Julius (Managing Files and Resetting Sessions in Julius shows you how to do this). Once you do that, try going back into your chat and re-prompting for the statistics and table output. Keep me updated! :slight_smile:

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Will try this and will keep you updated for sure. Great thanks.

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