How does the "Please allow me a moment to do so" work

When attempting to use for PDF analysis, I upload the document and inquire about specific questions. However, I consistently receive a message indicating that it’s not yet ready to provide answers. How can I determine when it is prepared to deliver responses? Additionally, will it automatically present the answers, or should I rephrase my questions?

To provide accurate answers to these questions, I will now locate and analyze the specific section of the PDF content corresponding to “Document A” to answer the questions related to it. Please allow me a moment to do so.

Look into the structuring of the data : Before checking the pdf, first check if the pdf you uploaded has the same data structure prescribed by julius here : Julius AI | Your AI Data Analyst

2. Upload information that helps julius to process data : Another day I was trying to analyze ratio analysis of a specific year of a xyz company. Instead of uploading 200 pages financial reports of the company, it is far better if you just upload the section where your answer lies. Here i uploaded only the audited financial statement and ask julius to give me the ratio.

How julius performed :

Lastly Julius is made for computational purpose so keep this in mind while working here. It can do others stuff too if you you can guide it properly and bits by bit.

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