Table size or lists limit for Julius ai

Hey guys, I am trying to use Julius to analyze my clinical medicine data and fing something valuable for my academic paper.

Campared to traditional statistical software, I was wondering what is the max limit of data size or number of lists? Because in real analysis, I need to upload one or ten thousands lists of data, and i have to make sure Julius complete reading and analyzing all my dataset but not part.

Besides, do you have any examples of practice about Julius in clinical data (such as Global Burden of Disease database) analysis? Thanks!


Great question! I work with datasets that have about 6000-7000 rows and about 10 columns and it does not seem to have any issue with reading it in.
As for examples of practice about Julius in clinical datasets, there are a few examples in the tutorial section, but I am assuming you want something more in depth than the ones I have created. I’ll keep this in mind when creating new guides. Thanks for the recommendation!