Guide: How to Import and Edit Videos in Julius

Did you know you can import and edit videos in Julius? No? Well, you can! Julius can handle various formats like YouTube links, MP4s, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, WebM, and more! This guide will walk you through importing a video and editing it with Julius. Let’s take dive into the process!

Step 1: Choose the file you want to import
To start, I’m selecting a video tutorial files from our YouTube channel. Specifically, I’ll be working with is the Spatial analysis using R video. My aim is to create a simple introduction. Let’s initiate the process:

Prompt 1: Can you import this video for me please: Spatial analysis using R? What is the length of the of time?

Julius has successfully imported my video and provided its duration. Now, I’ll ask specific questions about the video format to understand it better.

Step 2: Examining Format Options & Converting Files
We can do a couple of things with the resolution and format in Julius. But first, let’s ask Julius to examine the video resolution and format of the video for us

Prompt 2: What are the video resolution and format?

Great, Julius has provided the necessary information. Next, I’d like to convert the video to a MOV file.

Prompt: can you convert the video to a .mov file please?"

Julius has successfully converted the file from a .mp4 to a .mov. We can download and see this new file by clicking on the “here” button:

Step 3: Video Editing in Julius
Julius offers a wide range of video editing options including, trimming, merging, resizing, adding text, applying filters and effects, and more.

As previously mentioned, I’d like Julius to create an introduction for this video. Here’s my request:

Prompt: Can you create an introduction that lasts about 7 seconds in length, with some techno music, and a title that says: Spatial Analysis using R?

I’m attaching the file here so you can hear the music it placed in the introduction.

My introduction background is a bit dull. Let’s enhance it a little more with a blue background (blue is my favourite colour!).

Prompt: The introduction needs a little more to it. Can we do like a blue background?

With the blue background added, let’s smooth the transition between the introduction and the main video:

Prompt: Please add a transition between the introduction and the start of the video.

Click on this to see the GIF I made with Julius that shows the fading in and out changes! → Julius AI | Your AI Data Analyst

This has been a quick tutorial on how to import and edit videos in Julius! Of course, this is just a small example of what Julius can do with video analysis, so I encourage you to explore what Julius can do to help you edit your videos. As another little tidbit of information before I go: You can also prompt it to transcribe the video in a PDF document.

Happy editing!

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