Julius can transform .wav audio files 🤯

Hi everyone,

So I was playing around with Julius today and I think I found a really cool feature.

So I am doing Fourier transforms on audio files in order to filter noise and wanted to see what Julius could do with them. I gave it my .wav file, told it to do a Fourier transform super vaguely, and it got it perfectly! Not only that but it also gave me the audio file to play right inside of Julius and to download. This is going to be a game changer for my audio work. Here was the final output:

My prompt was:

I’ve uploaded the following files: example.wav. The cell below loads a sound file example.wav as a NumPy array x2, records the sample rate rate and then allows us to play the sound in the notebook. Note that the sound has some noise and our goal is to filter it out. rate,x2 = wavfile.read(‘example.wav’) Audio(x2,rate=rate).
Compute the discrete Fourier transform of x2 and save the result as y2.


Woah, cool! The audio player within the chat is really nice. Have you tried transforming audio files in any other way?


:raised_hands: Python is so powerful. You get ecosystem of modules that can let you do so many things :100: