Financial Model in Excel inkl Formulas

Hi friends! I recently tried to create a financial model based on my business plan. Julius was able to create a yearly forecast for the KPIs (revenue, costs, profitability etc) but all cells were hardcoded when I downloaded the excel file. I was not able to create a full fledged financial plan with formulas, linked assumptions etc.

Is this possible with Julius? If not, any other idea for what tool could do that?

Thanks for your help!

Just for clarification on my end, when you say you want to create a full fledge financial plan, do you mean that you need it to be in excel format? Or would it be okay if it is in a PDF document?

I need it in excel, so that all the cells are linked. I want to have an assumption sheet with all key assumptions. Then when I change an assumption, I want everything to recalculate. So a classic financial model. Therefore it needs to be in Excel or any other spreadsheet software

Okay I tried it myself with sample data. I first told it to create a sum entry for the “richness” and “abundance” columns I had and it didn’t give me a formula for it. But, when I specified that I needed it in a formula it was able to adjust:


I had to enable editing first to get the formula to show up, but after I clicked that it was fine. I then tested to make sure that the formula would change if I changed an entry and it did:


So in short, yes it can do it.
I hope this helps. Let me know if it works if you re-prompt it to keep the formulas.

Thanks so much for your time and efforts! It’s great to see that formulas are possible in theory. A financial plan is super complex though. I will try to see if I can tell it “Create an assumpion sheet, create monthly forecasts, make sure all forecast fields are formulas and make sure the monthly forecasts change when I change something on the assumption sheet which is the input”. I have the feeling that no AI is ready yet to really create a proper financial plan for you yet

Thank you for asking the question! It’s always neat to see what people are doing with Julius. I allows me to explore the various capabilities it has and test them. :slight_smile:
I haven’t really dealt with financial plans, so I’m sorry I could not really give you an example of that. But I’m glad I was able to answer your question regarding the formulas. Let me know how it goes! I am curious to see the output (of course, only if you want to share!).

This is very interesting to me, what was the initial prompt used to create the financial model??

Hi Daniel, it was a full fledged business plan with 14 chapters. One chapter was about the financial plan. So I went back and forth to discuss and create the assumptions. Then in the end I asked it to create the financial plan for me in Excel so I can edit and play with it. But it just gave me the yearly summaries of the main KPIs, hardcoded.