About integrating Julius API into BeeKrowd, Financial Model with AI

Hi Julius,

I am Ha Pham, Founder of BeeKrowd, an Financial Model with AI platform.
We launched our first MVP to help founders build Financial model under 5mins.

In the next step, we would like to integrate some AI platform to enable the data analytics.
Julius is a very good match. However, it seems that the API is not ready.

Do you have any timeline for this? Or is there anyway for our customers to analyze their Financial statements now? We are using ChatGPT API but I want something better like Julius.

Please help. Thanks

Hi Ha! Releasing an API for our service isn’t currently on the roadmap, as we are solely focused on building out our product. All users will have to use our own hosted product for the time being. Good luck on BeeKrowd by the way — looks like a really cool platform!