Excel datasheet

How do I use Julius to complete excel work, including calculations and transfer the finished work back into excel workbook.

Step 1:
Format the excel file as instructed by Julius to make it ok for analysis
Step 2:
COMPLETE your analysis
Step 3:
Use the word export when you are done. Julius will give you link to download your file.

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Mahmed, thanks for the reply.
Then I ask, if Julius is downloading the file, is it going to be in Excel format? Because I need it to be directly in excel format.

Yes, it will be. Julius will send you a link and when you click on it, it’ll open up as an excel spreadsheet. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps! If you have anymore questions, ask away!

Yes please, it will be in excel format

Thanks so much. I am fine with your answers.

Most and always welcome