Feedback, How do I reach support efficiently?

I have had challenges with my account for a few days now, I was contacted through email. However, my challenges have not been resolved It’s been 3 days. apart from the customer support email is there a way people can ensure they get responses and definite solutions to their challenges? I still have the same challenges nothing has changed in 3 days, How do I reach support efficiently, and get a solution to the challenges with my account?

This is interesting to hear. They have been good at getting back to me when I had an issue. I wonder if they are just swamped with emails? I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with your account. Maybe try emailing them again to give them an update on the issue?

hey @jairolugboye it looks like we last responded to you 5 days ago on the 12th about an account access issue. did you submit another support ticket since then?

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Yes I did, in fact I was forced to upgrade my plan to premium since I was not getting help, Now my Premium plan is not allowing me do extra work it says my limit is reached.

Hi Alex Thank you very much I finally got attended to, and I appreciate this, I had made my first payment by proxy and got it cancelled. I have just paid for a new plan. Communication does help a lot. Thanks again for your help!