Can Julius create cumulative flow diagrams?

Looking to look at teams’ delivery metrics and a CFD that lets me do lead time, cycle time, Work in process reporting,



Great question! I was also curious because I’ve never made a cognitive flow diagram. So I prompted Julius to make a random one and this is what it made:

Of course, you’ll probably have to specify how you want it to look but in short, yes it can make one for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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With the right prompt, Julius can create a solid diagram. In Python, you can have it install the “Graphviz” and “diagrams” libraries, and I was super impressed with how Julius worked through the issue and pulled these reference links below. It then went through its Python code to continue troubleshooting itself and installing additional libraries that it needed.

How To Create Diagrams in Python with Diagram as Code

Transforming Infrastructure Visualization with Diagram as Code

How to Draw AWS diagrams with Python and the Diagrams Module | LinkedIn


My diagram came out like this below, which was simple, but I wanted to see its capabilities.


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with the community Jerrad!


Thank you for showing me this! I didn’t know Julius was capable of this either, very helpful!

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