A definitive guide exploring Julius AI's capabilitites

For those interested in learning about all the Julius AI features, check out the most complete and in-depth Julius AI guide I created, keeping in mind the non-technical individuals:


Hi, nice blog.
In your blog you wrote about web scraping but I think julius has limited capacity on this and it needs some more devleopment, please check :


Yes definitely. While web scraping is not their primary focus, they can add it to their arsenal of features.

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Hey @Mahmed , the model issue you just encountered was related to a bug. We have deployed a hot fix.

Regarding scraping, Julius is able to use libraries like BeautifulSoup to make network requests and scrape text & images from URLs (as long as the website host’s policy permits it). If the model tells you it doesn’t have the capability, just remind it that it does. This trick works all the time :slight_smile:

Here’s an example I just tried:


Thanks @zdhruvir for sharing the comprehensive guide, I enjoyed reading it :raised_hands:


I am glad you liked it, Rahul. I will keep it updated as you keep rolling out new cool features.