What's the data privacy & security policy for Julius in handling our data?

Hi! I was wondering what happens with all the data and spreadsheets we upload to Julius? Is it stored in the servers? Can other people look at it? If I leave it alone for some time, will I be able to retrieve it again? Just wanted some clarifications on this if anyone knows about it.


So far I know the datasets uploaded in julius are deleted after 1 hour.


yea i think you’re right mahmed

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+1 to what Mahmed said.

We utilize strict access-control, as each user only has access to their own data in the secure notebook file storage — even our python code execution environments are sandboxed by user. In addition, your data is completely erased from the servers whenever you delete it within the app or after 1 hour of inactivity.

In the future we plan to offer longer term data retention to users who want to save their data on Julius for later use. This will be an opt-in feature.

You can view an overview of our data security measures and our TOS here: Docs.


Intersting question, thank you for bringing this up :slight_smile:

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Do we know when this feature might be in the pipeline? This is something I am looking forward to as I work with a lot of different datasets for testing. :slight_smile:

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Working on a prototype right now as my side project. Hoping to finish it this weekend :slight_smile:

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