New Models Incorporated with Julius

Hi to all,
I just found that new models are incorporated with julius and it sounds good !
Check it out by your self !

@rahul can you please tell us something about these models? According to my study the gpt4 model is the most strongest. Why did you add all these models with julius please ?


Hi @Mahmed !

This is the new Model Lab mode for experimenting and chatting with new models.

The purpose is to allow everyone to chat with new models such as Llama 3 for free and see how they like them/compare with state of the art models such as GPT-4 and Claude Opus. Here you can also chat with models directly rather than the specialized “chat with your files” model we have on the Chat page.


Hello I am new to the community!
I would like to know how exactly this works. Are there any differences for the selected model (ex. GPT -4) whether you are using julius AI or Chat GPT. Is is like having chat GPT or Claude inside of th Julius AI enviroment?