How to change the Password!

I would like to know how to change the password - there is no option in setting or anywhere else


Do you know if you used google to sign in? Or did you sign up with a username and password option?

If you used google to sign in, you can click on “continue with Google” and sign in with the email and the password associated with that email:

If you signed in with an ordinary email and password, you can click on ‘forget password’ to reset it. If you are not receiving any password after clicking this you there are multiple reasons why:

  1. You may have signed up under a different email address, so you may need to go through your old emails to see which one is associated with Julius.
  2. You probably signed in using the ‘continue with Google’ or ‘continue with Apple’ option, so you must reset your password through them if you forget it.

Hope this helps! This happened to me on a different site, and this was how I was told to solve it. Sorry, I added more information for people who also have this issue.