Errors on loading R packages in Julius


Error in library(BayesFactor): there is no package called BayesFactor Traceback: 1. library(BayesFactor) Also, evaluate what went wrong and consider options for how to fix it. Break the execution up into cell blocks.

It appears that the BayesFactor package is still not available. Let’s try using the brms package, which is another powerful tool for Bayesian analysis.

It seems there was an issue installing the brms package as well. Let’s try using the mamba package manager to install brms .

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hmm, it should have just installed it - if you give it instructions

install.packages('BayesFactor', repos='', dependencies = TRUE, Ncpus = 4)

(testing it in this chat, Julius AI | Your AI Data Analyst, also found an unrelated bug in some parsing artifacts with the LLM that we’ve fixed but it seems to do it, can take a few minutes to install)