Duplicate results when searching the web

Wanted to share some feedback when performing a regular search but below it seems to duplicate the results.

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hey @j_dahl9, thanks for flagging this! we’re aware of the problem and we believe it is a hallucination issue where the model is duplicating its response for some reason. we’re hoping it’ll be resolved soon once the model provider pushes an update


That is good to know! I will continue to share feedback here as I see things! :slight_smile:

@zach I think this bug is related to using the default model. If you use the default model and do this query or others, it will duplicate; however, if you choose GPT-4 or Claude 3, it doesn’t seem to do that. I have done limited testing, but let me know if you can recreate it.

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Well nvm it did the same thing for the Claude 3 model when I did it so scratch that haha.

@zach, I am starting to notice better results from the search. Was this overhauled? I also do not see the duplicates much anymore.

i think it might’ve been fixed by the model provider but it wasn’t as a result of something we pushed. glad to hear it is happening less frequently!