Can Julius read and analyse spreadsheets with multiple tabs?

Hey so I was wondering if Julius can do analysis if there’s more than one tab or if I have to upload files with only one tab with it to avoid confusing the AI. Does anyone have any experience with this?


Yeah it works. You can be specific like “combine the total sales from ‘sheet1’ with the total sales from ‘sheet 3’” or something like that. Just make sure to mention the tab names and it should work fine. I was also able to combine all the info from several tabs into one sheet :pinching_hand:


+1 to @aubreywhite23 's comment.

Basically, the AI will unpack the multiple tabs into separate sheets of their own.

Please note that if you have an excel file with cell values that are linked across different tabs or depend on other tabs, the linking isn’t visible to the AI. The AI will just see the raw value in the cell.

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