Organizing done projects

I believe It will be a good feature if users can name each project or conversation we have with Julius, that way referencing anything will be a lot easier. Maybe an option of even grouping our conversations with Julius into categories or folders as well. These will make the user interface more organised and easier to use.



Great recommendation for grouping conversations into folders! I think that would be a great idea/option to add in the future!

As of right now we have a couple of ways for users to organize their chats. For example, users have the ability to rename their conversations on Julius by going to the chat they want to rename and then clicking on the ellipses:

Once you do that, it should give you a drop down menu which will allow you to either: rename, delete or even pin important conversations.

I especially like the “pin” option, as it allows me to keep track of important conversations that I may need to go back to later. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Great feedback I your quick response and guidance.

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I’m happy to help! :slight_smile: I hope this little tidbit of information helps you organize your projects to your liking.
Thank you for the question and awesome suggestion!