Image creator using words


Can Julius create an image based on the words I provide?
Thank you

You better try giving prompt please

As an example
make an image and make it a three-dimensional view, to incorporate two scenes, one on the scientific aspect, where key phrases such as: record the facts, analyze them, get the how and why, predicting the future, a feedback loop with arrows indicating a cyclical process of enhancement and reassessment which improve the knowledge in the context of human evolution In the second scene, include the decision-makers (politicians), who are confronted with a problem and have to decide based on scientific data (stage 1) to resolve the problem.

You should be able to create this feature in Julius, but you may have to break down the prompt in smaller chunks. For example, chunk 1 could be: can we make a feedback loop 3D image?
Julius will then prompt what you want in it, in which you can say that you want scientific aspect versus a politician decision making process. You can then give it instructions on the various feedback loops.