Feedback & feature suggestions

Hi! Here are some feedback and feature suggestions :slight_smile:


  • Open a new category in the Community Forum for feature suggestions and feedback.

Feature Suggestions

  • Message Disappearance: Address the issue where messages disappear when any type of file is attached after you have wrote something.

  • Paste as Normal Text: Currently, longer texts are automatically converted into a txt-file when pasted. Allowing users to choose to paste as normal text because it’s very hard to give the model longer directionds.

  • Prompt Templates: Enable the creation of prompt templates that include settings for temperature, Top P, system instructions, and the prompt text itself. Allow these settings to be adjustable per template.

  • Folders: Allow users to manually save and categorize chat sessions in folders. Consider a future enhancement where AI could suggest tags based on the content of the sessions.

  • Whisper Support: Implement voice commands and dictation capabilities, allowing users to interact with the model through voice.

  • Shortcut for Multi-Step Reasoning: Introduce a shortcut, such as ‘/react’, to trigger the existing “advanced reasoning” functionality, streamlining user interaction.

  • System Instruction Length: Increase the character limit for system instructions beyond 1000 characters to accommodate more detailed directives.

  • Context Length: Extend the context length to allow for more comprehensive interactions, especially in complex scenarios.

Mobile (iOS App) Specific

  • Ensure that all links in the docs dropdown are active and accessible.

It would be interesting to hear if you can share anything about the roadmap going forward in regards to product development?


This is excellent feedback! I was going to share yesterday that when I typed my prompt and copied something long, it erased my previous prompt, making me retype everything. So great feedback on this! Getting this bug fixed will be extremely helpful when I give it scripts to work with and troubleshoot code. It seems to then forget the context when opening the file. I can provide a video snag of this if needed, as I can easily recreate it.



Thanks for the feedback Jacob. Can send an email We’re working on something related to the prompt templates/complex prompts that we can turn on for you.


@Matt I am really interested in this as well