Can Julius solve IQ tests?

Can Julius read and solve Raven’s Progressive Matrices, that is IQ tests?


Oh, I’m equally interested in this! This would be super cool to test!

Great question! I was genuinely curious to see if Julius could take a downloaded PDF version of Raven’s Progressive Matrices, like you suggested here and answer it. This is my process thus far: I was able to upload it and proceeded to prompt Julius to answer the questions. However, when I prompted it, it seems to be focused more on having the user answer the question than actually taking the test itself.

So in short, I think further testing is needed in order to accurately respond to this question - which is something I would love to do in the future. I would love to see how it responds to different IQ tests and gather information based on this. I think that would be a really cool study (sorry I’m nerding out). So as of right now, I am unsure, but curious to also know.