How to Set Secrets in Julius

First go to “settings”:

Then it will bring up a new page, where you can click on either “new secret” or “save secrets”:

When you click on “new secret”, it’ll bring up the following page:

Here you can name your secret and enter the value of the secret. After you are done entering it, make sure you hit “Save secrets” to save it.

Can you tell me what is the use of it with example?

Hi Mahmed!

Great question! Secrets grant Julius access to systems or data. Secrets are used to thus authenticate and authorize access to various services and databases, ensuring that only authorized individuals or applications can access this data. For example, an API key is a unique identifier that tells the API service who is making the request. This helps the service monitor the use of their data.

Real example: in order to access Google Maps using R, you need an API that allows you access to that information. After I register with Maps Platform and retrieve my API from Google Maps, I can register it in the “add secrets” section and save it for future use in Julius.

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